Working with professional women

90+% of people struggle with self-esteem issues. They are held back by fear and lack of self-confidence. Many people look back at the end of their lives with regrets about things they desired to do but did not have the courage to take action.

Indecision is at the heart of every mediocre or average life. The ability to make decisions is actually leadership and many people lack that. It is very easy as a woman to come up with alibis supporting your settling for mediocrity. It is easy to attribute poor decision making and allowing yourself to be the doormat of other people to submission or being a ‘good’ woman.

These alibis will leave you when you will be laying on your death bed. You will know the truth, that you allowed fear to steal your dreams from you. You can’t silence your conscience forever.

A coach acts as a cheerleader, motivating and encouraging individuals to do what needs to be done. Coaching gives them the courage to take the actions  they need to take to enable them to take charge of their lives, minimizing the regrets at the end of life.

Coaching helps people with decision making. A coach cheers you on and assures you that it is okay to do what have have been thinking of doing but have been giving yourself excuses.

Think of a toddler who is struggling to take the first steps and the mom is there to cheer and assure him that it is okay. The toddler falls down time and again but mom keeps on cheering him on. Sometimes mom suggests using a walker or holding on to something in the initial stages in order to gain the self-confidence and minimize the falls.

Coaching helps people to improve their lives

A life coach basically works with people to help them improve their lives. People who are not comfortable settling for average are likely to seek coaching services so that they can become more. Successful people hire coaches so that they succeed even more.

People who engage the services of a coach already knew what they needed to do it but they did not have the guts to take that action. The coach empowers them to say ‘no’ to all those excuses they give themselves, to destroy all those alibis they use to silence the fear of taking action.

Hey! Give yourself permission to live life to your full potential!

You only live once!!

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