Coaching for women to turn their skills & expertise into income

It is possible to possess skills and expertise but still not be able to earn a decent income. Much as one can get advice from friends and family, many times they give advice without patiently working with the individual to find out what is the best path for that particular person.

It so happens that many times one is advised to be like so and so, without careful evaluation of the individual’s circumstances. Does the person have the necessary skills as well as the resources to pursue that path? Does she have the right personality for it? Seeking advice sometimes ends up taking one further away from the right path.

A coach does not impose her own views on others as often happens with advice giving. She listens without judging, recognizing that people are unique and so are their circumstances. A coach is like a farmer who provides a seedling with the optimal conditions for growth. Coaching is a process that helps an individual to become their best self and live life to their full potential.

Coaching is different from advice giving because by asking the right questions, a coach helps individuals to discover the right path for them. A coach challenges assumptions, conditioning and belief systems that keep an individual stuck, helping the individual to explore different options.

Coaching can turn out to be the one thing that will help you to get unstuck as you learn to turn the spotlight inwards and discover what has been blocking you from achieving success. Each individual’s answers are unique because everyone’s circumstances are unique.

Coaching motivates people to take specific actions to become better and more efficient. Coaches don’t spoon-feed their clients but inspire, motivate and challenge them to explore possible solutions that will give them the desired results. Through coaching, one is able to discover new perspectives and improve efficiency.

People get stuck because of belief systems, mindset, conditioning and negative emotions such as fear and unhealthy competition. Coaching equips one with skills and tools for long-term success. One is able to improve self-confidence, enjoy improved interpersonal relationships and evolve into a more successful person.

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Transition from an employee to an entrepreneur

Many new business fail, causing new business owners massive losses. The journey to building a business can be confusing, even scary. In fact, some people would rather continue struggling in life than try to build a business.

There are a number of ways to shorten one’s learning curve, such as getting someone who is succeeding in the same field to mentor you or hold your hand as you find your way. Coaching is another way to shorten one’s learning curve, helping one not to learn from their own mistakes but to get insight before making them.

The number one reason why many new business owners fail is because they start the journey without clear goals and a clearly thought out road map. Things take them by surprise since they had not anticipated them. Lack of a road map leads to failure to focus and be disciplined, getting distracted by all manner of things along the way.

Goal setting separates successful people from everyone else. Coaching helps one to begin the journey with goal setting and to break down the bigger goals into a clear, step-by-step journey. That eliminates guess work, equips one to withstand distractions and improves efficiency.

With a clear road map and a coach who serves as an accountability partner holding one accountable, one is able to stay on track, accomplishing one step at a time.

Some employees in new businesses can feel underutilized and not challenged enough because the new business owner has not been able to help them bring out their full potential.

Growth-oriented coaching empowers new business owners to constitute winning teams, carefully selecting the people to work with as well as being able to bring out the best in their teams, uncovering strengths and talents that could have been missed out.

Coaching helps business owners to discover and enhance untapped potential within their team and to develop leaders. Business coaching brings about positive change in the entire team as everyone learns how to best use their talents, skills and expertise.

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The chama phenomenon

Informal cooperative societies or chamas are started with the intention of pooling resources together. Chamas are well known for table banking where members contribute an agreed amount of money on regular basis into a pool where they borrow from, sometimes repaying with interest in order to grow the money.

The failure rate among chamas is high mainly because of a number of factors.

  1. The way they are constituted. A group of people comes together mainly because they know one another either by living in the same neighborhood, worshipping in the same church or working together. They do not begin with the end in mind, that their intention is to achieve a specific agenda and they therefore scout for the right skills and talents to enable them make their intended agenda a reality.
  2. Poor leadership. Leadership positions are allocated based on factors such as who came up with the chama idea rather than leadership capabilities.
  3. Lack of structures to ensure that the members who build the chama on long term basis are up to the task. Members who are not the right fit are retained as active members even when they clearly bring no value instead of being replaced with those who are.

If chamas are to be successful in a competitive world, then they need to be competitive too. An organization would not hire just anyone because she is available. They would begin by coming up with a clear job description and the skills and expertise that fit that position then they scout for the individual who is qualified for the job.

If the individual turns out not to be the right fit, they are ready and willing to let go of the person and replace her with the one who is. That is the only way to be assured of being able to compete favorably in a competitive world.

New employees also need proper training before they can be competent to take up their roles. Group members don’t automatically become competent to build a successful chama without training. Training requirements of chamas need to be identified and a training program put in place.

Our coaching program for chamas equips them to operate professionally. They identify the skills and expertise they need to achieve their goals, source for the right people and invite them to join the membership.

Shares are allocated such that if a member has to stop being actively involved in the chama, she remains a shareholder earning dividend from the chama hence a beneficiary of its success. This is like retiring with a pension.

Members are empowered to understand what qualities to look for in leaders, and the sort of training that is required for both members and leaders. They learn to set clear goals and a road map to make them a reality.

Business coaching equips them to put structures in place such that even though chamas have an element of friendship and having fun, the core business is focusing on their road map. With coaching, they acquire the tools to enable them to regularly evaluate their achievements and take corrective action in a timely manner.

Chamas that are constituted and managed professionally can grow into very successful businesses or become cooperative societies or saccos of the future.

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Turn your skills, expertise, talents, hobbies or life experiences into a thriving coaching career

Everyone has something that could help someone else, if structured well. Life experiences that are not necessarily related to career such as leadership at church, taking care of family member(s) who have chronic illness/being a caregiver, being widowed, raising children as a single mother, having lived amongst people of a different culture, having raised a child with special needs, having gone through a miscarriage or loss of a loved one etc. can be structured into a thriving coaching business and help someone else.

Our coaching program for coaches

Our individualized Turn your skills and expertise into a a thriving coaching practice in 90-days package can equip you to beat the tough economic times. Coaching can be a suitable side hustle or you can build it into a full time career.

The expertise you have accumulated over the years does not have to go to waste once you retire from active employment. You can build a successful life coaching profession. And the good news is that there is no retirement age for coaching, with some successful coaches actively coaching people into their 80s and 90s.