4 comments on “Don’t stop Three Feet From Gold – Tips for New Entrepreneurs

  1. Richard Njuguna on Jan 16, 2019 12:01 am | Reply

    Nothing new. Just copy pasting shit we already know. You lack creativity. Like I told you, you ain’t worth being taken seriously.

    • Susan Catherine Keter on Jan 16, 2019 2:52 pm | Reply

      Thank you. There is so much creativity in my writing; each and every article is original, and I have lots of published articles. If you believe that editors of the newspapers and magazines that publish my work are sleeping on their jobs by publishing copy pasted work, wouldn’t it be wise to call them to task about it?

  2. Great article Susan. I’m a big fan of your writing,wisdom and creativity. I’ll look forward to more of it

    • Susan Catherine Keter on Feb 1, 2019 7:52 am | Reply

      Thank you for visiting my site and also for sparing time to leave a comment. I appreciate.

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