I was in formal employment for 3 years before I quit my job to be a stay-at-home mom. I was a full time stay-at-home mom for 12 years.

By the time my kids had grown up and I was ready to venture out of home, I had learned so much I was no longer able to go back to my earlier position. I had quit job as a secretary. I had a Bachelor’s Degree in Education majoring in French and Secretarial studies. I also had training in secretarial studies.

Finding my way was a long journey guided by the experience I had accumulated over the years. I evolved as I grew. My biggest success is the person I have become through this journey.

Mine was a transition from stay-at-home mom to business. My family - especially my husband - was my biggest support when I was starting out. He supported me financially and also coached and mentored me. He was my no. 1 cheerleader when no one knew me and what I am capable of. He made me believe in myself.

I must say that I was fortunate to benefit from some good sponsorship while I was starting out. That was very helpful. I was able to benefit from some very good training and mentorship from some top professionals from different parts of the world. I travelled to different parts of the globe and was able to address diverse audiences. I got a lot of exposure.

What is in it for you?

  • Have you searched for a job for years without success?
  • Have you suddenly lost your job?
  • Are you employed but your salary cannot keep up with the cost of living?
  • Are you staring retirement in the face?

When I quit my job, there was no Internet, no social media. Right now the Internet has made the world a global village. One can build a successful business largely from home. Information is also readily available. One can acquire expertise in any area of choice. All it takes is the right guidance coupled with hard work and discipline.

I am a social networks person, especially Facebook. Many people who do business with me have known me through social media. I offer free sessions, which serve as tasters for services I offer.

You too can learn to leverage the power of the Worldwide Web. You can learn to work largely from home even working just a few hours per week. You have a lot of untapped potential in form of gifts, talents, hobbies, skills and expertise that you can enhance to create the life you desire.